Got a Question?
Q. What brands does Laser Saver have supplies and provide service for?

A. From Brother to Hewlett Packard to Tektronix, we cover virtually every manufacturer out there.

Q. Why would I want to buy compatible toner cartridges?

A. Typically cost savings of 40-50% can be realized when using compatible toner cartridges. But that's not the only benefit. Laser Saver is currently remanufacturing over 2000 toner cartridges a month. At about 5lbs a cartridge, that's over 10,000lbs of non-biodegradeable plastic and metal we are keeping out of our already stressed landfills.

Q. I've heard that a remanufactured or compatible cartridge can damage my machine or void my warranty. Is this true?

A. Your printer's warranty is safe using a Laser Saver Compatible Toner Cartridge. We have developed a process that provides our customers with a trouble free cartridge that mirrors the OEM cartridge!

Q. There are other companies I could use. Why use Laser Saver?

A. Great question! While there are other companies to choose from, Laser Saver has established itself as a leader in our industry and in San Diego. We have achieved this sucess through our quest to be the best. Our product quality, pricing and service will keep you coming back year after year. Just ask any of our over 10,000 customers!

Q. It sounds great, how do I get a cartridge or schedule a service call?

A. To contact us, call (858) 693-8838 or E-mail customer service