HP Laser Printers for only $199.99!
Welcome to our Specials Page! Did you know that inkjet machines can cost up to 10 times more to operate than a laser printer? Unless you absolutely need color, then you absolutely need to take advantage of this incredible "Special Sale"!

While supplies last, Laser Saver will be offering our refurbished LaserJet 4 Laser Printers for only $199.99 each, and HP LaserJet 4000's for as low as $349.99!

These are completely refurbished HP LaserJet printers that come with a 30 day parts and labor warranty! Our expert technicians have gone through and given these printers their seal of approval. At this price, you can afford to have one on every desk!

So, take advantage of this special by calling Laser Saver today at
(858) 693-8838


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